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Huurre will deliver Flamingo Entertainment Center in the airport city Aviapolis in Vantaa its uniquely powerful, energy-efficient and eco-friendly carbon… Read more in News

Our solutions

Huurre is an international technology and services leader in green refrigeration and heat production. We design and build professional solutions which minimise the cold chain energy consumption and optimize the heat production. Our customer segments are food industry, ice rinks, warehouses & logistics, retail, professional kitchens and medical sector.


Cost-efficient automated refrigeration and heat production through use of natural refrigerant and most advanced digital technology.

Ice Arenas

Best cost quality ratio through most modern CO2 technology

Warehouses & Logistics

Green refrigeration & heat production for refrigerated warehouses of all sizes


Unique combination of newest technology and services makes the difference

Professional Kitchens

Securing your business and food safety with the newest innovations and long refrigeration experience


Securing your priceless products with high quality cooling and storing solutions


With our extensive experience and over 10 years’ development of refrigeration systems using CO2 as a refrigerant, Huurre has become a world leader in transcritical CO2 systems.

Our patented innovations ECO CO2 systems and Huurre iTOP Refrigeration Automation services provide our customers huge savings in energy and running costs.

Huurre ECO®

We offer our customers energy-efficient and environmental-friendly refrigeration solutions through state-of-the-art Huurre ECO technology.

Huurre can help with a unique design for combined use of heat and cold. We also design and manufacture customer specific refrigeration, chiller and heat pump solutions for industrial and commercial needs.

Experienced Huurre team provides the customers with professional consulting & design services and installation & maintenance services.

Huurre iTOP®

Huurre iTOP Refrigeration Automation solution steers our energy efficient ECO units. Huurre iTOP intelligent controllers and software provides unique Artificial Intelligent based solutions and cyber security for customer refrigeration and heating needs.

We provide our customers with high value-added in terms of energy-saving, improved goods cold-chain preservation and temperature optimization.

Huurre 24/7 iTOP Global Services Centre operates unique prewarning alarm management and fault prevention service.

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Huurre offers green, fully automated refrigeration & heat production systems for industrial facilities of all sizes. Our CO2-based solutions are the most economical and safe choice for food processing, medical production or chemical industry.


Huurre provides all sizes of retail stores and premises with green and energy-efficient CO2 refrigeration & heat production systems.

Professional kitchens

Huurre designs and manufactures high quality professional kitchen cooling equipment under the internationally recognized brand names of Porkka and Skycold. We provide you with single product or a turn key solution from kitchen design to intelligent automation solutions and on-site services.

Ice Arenas

Huurre CO2 ice arena cooling & heat production solution is the most economical and safe choice for your ice arena. Unmatched energy efficiency, fully automated operation and proven reliability of our solutions has made Huurre the leading CO2 ice arena provider.

Warehouse & Logistics

Huurre refrigeration and heat production solutions are the most economical and safe choice for mission critical refrigerated warehouses of all sizes. Due to Huurre’s solid design experience and uncompromized build quality, the Huurre CO2 units provide years of faultless operation.


Huurre designs and manufactures high quality cooling and storing solutions for Medical and Scientific needs under the well-known Porkka brand. All the Porkka range is designed and manufactured for professional use and are environmentally friendly due to low power consumption.


Huurre delivers world-class energy efficiency to Flamingo Entertainment Center

Huurre will deliver Flamingo Entertainment Center in the airport city Aviapolis in Vantaa its uniquely powerful, energy-efficient and eco-friendly carbon dioxide heat production solution during the turn of the year. Huurre will carry out the Flamingo energy efficiency project with Assemblin, professional Nordic installation and service company. Huurre technology solution provides estimated 35-40 % yearly heating energy savings in the project.

Safe Huurre solution to National Institute of Health and Welfare

National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) has chosen Huurre as technology partner. Huurre will deliver THL five freezer rooms for the freezing of institution’s samples. Environmental friendly and energy efficient Huurre ECO CO2 refrigeration units with back up systems enable the highest product safety.  Huurre iTOP Refrigeration Automation steers the solution and monitors the temperatures.    

Metropolia tests cars in Huurre Ultimate Condition Room

Huurre has delivered Metropolia University of Applied Sciences a unique CO2-based testing room for very extreme conditions (from -45 to +60 C°). The new ultimate condition room was installed in Metropolia’s new campus in Myyrmäki, Vantaa. Huurre ECO CO2 system is steered by Huurre iTOP Automation, the user only has to choose the time when the room will reach the desired temperature. Huurre iTOP Automation steers CO2

New Huurre total refrigeration solution for berry company Arctic International

Huurre has delivered Arctic International, a company specialized in berries and mushrooms for industry, a complete refrigeration solution. Delivery, which started already in July 2018, includes two freezing tunnels, two freezing rooms, Huurre ECO CO2 refrigeration system & iTOP refrigeration automation.

Huurre signed maintenance contract for Telia’as base stations in Southern Finland

Huurre has won maintenance contract for Telia’s 650 base stations’ refrigeration in Southern Finland. The contract has been made with Empower for maintenance, possible repairs and modernisations of refrigeration equipment.

Woikoski saves money and energy with Huurre Energy Consulting Services

Oy Woikoski Ab, an independent gas producer and forerunner in the chemical industry, has signed Energy Consulting Services agreement with Huurre. Based on the analysis data and prevailing conditions, Huurre Experts providing the iTOP energy optimisation service regularly control the refrigeration system into top condition. This means significant savings.

Huurre Cold Rooms to Britain’s largest cruise ship

Almaco has ordered cold rooms for new luxury class cruise ship from Huurre. The weight of the ship will be 180.000 gross tons and its passenger capacity 5.200. It is the largest cruise ship ever built for the British market! Deliveries of the cold rooms start in December 2018.