Green refrigeration & heat production for refrigerated warehouses of all sizes

Huurre provides green refrigeration & heat production solutions for refrigerated warehouses of all sizes. Due to its unmatched energy efficiency, fully automated operation and proven reliability, the Huurre CO2 solution is the most economical and safe choice for your mission critical warehouse.


Huurre refrigeration and heating solutions use CO2 as the refrigerant. CO2 is purely natural, nontoxic and non-flammable. CO2 is a future proof choice; unlike ammonia or F-gases it bears no regulatory restrictions and its availability is secured for long future. CO2 has true green profile and it supports energy environment certifications for buildings as LEED, BREEAM and Green Buildings.


Due to its superior thermodynamic qualities, CO2 is the most energy efficient refrigerant. In addition, Huurre’s patented innovations allow further reduction of the energy bill. As the result, a refrigerated warehouse using Huurre CO2 technology consumes up to 50% less energy than ones using traditional NH3 or HFC technologies.


Huurre provides you with the most intelligent Refrigeration automation system – Huurre iTOP. The iTOP allows for simple operation of the system from any laptop or mobile device, on-site as well as remotely. The iTOP also allows easy integration of any refrigeration, heating, and building automation units & systems. The predictive analytics capabilities of the iTOP provides savings on maintenance by minimizing the need for costly ad hoc repairs.


Over a decade-long experience from CO2 systems and the confidence from hundreds of delivered CO2 units, makes Huurre your safest cooling technology partner. Due to Huurre’s solid design experience and total system quality, the Huurre CO2 units provide years of stable operation. And whenever an incident would occur, Huurre’s 24/7 service center will take immediate action to normalize the system operation.

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Huurre iTOP guarantees correct temperatures at Kanta-Hämeen Tuoretuote