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Safest refrigeration for mission critical cold storages

Huurre refrigeration and heat production solutions are the most economical and safe choice for mission critical refrigerated warehouses of all sizes.

Due to Huurre’s solid design experience and uncompromized build quality, the Huurre CO2 units provide years of stable operation.

Huurre iTOP guarantees correct temperatures at Kanta-Hämeen Tuoretuote

Kanta-Hämeen Tuoretuote is one of the largest and most technologically advanced cash and carry businesses in Finland. Its selling point has always been freshness, as its name Tuoretuote, “fresh produce”, suggests. KHTT has been serving retailers, the HoReCa sector and commercial kitchens for more than thirty years.

KHTT has a great variety of produce: fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat and fish as well as alcohol beverages. The product-specific optimum temperatures are maintained in the different storerooms, where monitoring of the temperatures is a vital function. The temperature control in these premises is managed by Huurre iTOP.

Huurre iTOP sensors monitor temperatures, which have set limits. If the temperatures increase or decrease over these limits, the iTOP system sends an automatic alarm. “The alarms are sent directly to my mobile phone”, says Property Manager Marko Virta. “The Huurre iTOP system has worked really well: it’s reliable and easy to use,” he adds.

KHTT does of course also invest in self-monitoring solutions. In addition to the extensive self-monitoring system, the company’s operations are monitored by organisations such as the Customs and the municipal food satefy agency. “Our customised Huurre iTOP pages allow me to easily download reports for the required periods when the inspector comes for a visit,” Marko Virta explains.