Professional kitchens

Porkka cooling solutions secure your kitchen

Huurre designs and manufactures high quality professional kitchen cooling equipment under the internationally recognized brand names of Porkka and Skycold.

We provide you with single product or a turn key solution from kitchen design to intelligent automation solutions and on-site services.

Restaurant Ora wants to maximise the transparency of the production chain

In the restaurant Ora in Helsinki, the customers can follow live temperature data of Porkka cold cabinets on Huurre iTOP screen. ”The freshness of our ingredients is everything to us, and iTOP also helps us to send this message to the inspecting authorities”, says restaurant owner Sasu Laukkonen. He also appreciates that the needed reports are always up-to-date and available.

Restaurant Ora wants to offer its customers only the best Finnish products “from field to fork”. “The season is so short that if you want the best, you have to focus on the main thing. It also gives me peace of mind to know that the storage temperatures are constantly monitored and any deviations are dealt with quickly”, says Laukkonen. “Huurre iTOP is exactly the kind of development this industry needs”, Laukkonen emphasises.

Restaurant owner Sasu Laukkonen and Huurre join forces to promote the endless possibilities offered by locally produced Finnish ingredients in a creative kitchen. This partnership can be seen in articles on gourmet food, blogs and at trade fairs.