Green quality cooling for professional laboratories

Huurre designs and manufactures high quality cooling and storing solutions for Medical and Scientific needs under the well-known Porkka brand.

All the Porkka range is designed and manufactured for professional use and are environmentally friendly due to low power consumption.

Huurre and Labo Line Oy – Strong Finnish partnerships for over 15 years

Labo Line Oy, founded in 1993, is a Finnish family-run company that focuses on the import, sale and maintenance of laboratory and hospital equipment. The Finnish Porkka Scientific cold cabinets produced by Huurre, such as medical refrigerators, flake ice machines and laboratory refrigerators and freezers have been in Labo Line’s product selection for over 15 years.

The company’s clients include operators in different healthcare sectors, such as hospitals and health centres, private clinics and assisted living facilities, industrial development and quality control laboratories and universities and research centres. “We act as the framework agreement supplier for several hospital districts and we act as the cold equipment supplier for several hospital renovation, extension and building projects”, says Product Manager Ossi Matintalo at Labo Line Oy.

At the beginning of 2017, Labo Line supplied medical refrigerators, freezers and blood banks for the new building that was constructed during the HUS Women’s Hospital renovation. Feedback from Women’s Hospital users has been extremely positive, and clients have been very pleased with the Porkka products supplied by Labo Line. “When it comes to our cold cabinets, we value ease of care and durability. They also have to be ergonomic and easy to use”, lists midwife Kirsi Teerikorpi at HUS. She continues: “Products that require cold storage must be kept safely in an even temperature. Porkka’s equipment is purpose-made and exactly what we need.”

Labo Line offers its clients an extensive service that includes everything from planning to supply and fitting of the equipment. A Finnish family-run company is a reliable and easily approachable operator, and Labo Line’s partnership with Finnish Porkka simply serves to strengthen this image. “We have worked seamlessly together with Huurre for 15 years to bring our clients the best results. The reliability that comes with experience and a good partnership is something that can be built on in the future”, says Matintalo.