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Huurre offers green, fully automated refrigeration & heat production systems for industrial facilities of all sizes.

Our CO2-based solutions are the most economical and safe choice for food processing, medical production or chemical industry.

Meat sector pioneer Wursti relies on iTOP control

Wursti, a seasoned entrepreneur in the meat industry, chose the Huurre ECO CO2 refrigeration system with the iTOP solution for their Järvenpää factory due to savings and eco-friendliness.

“Huurre iTOP is a convenient tool, and it actually works as promised,” says Jari Saarela, Managing Director of Wursti. Saarela also appreciates the iTOP centre remote monitoring services that simplifies the life of a business owner significantly.

At Wursti, various inspections take about one month’s worth of work days every year. “In performing the inspections, Huurre iTOP reports are a significant improvement compared to the paper stacks we had to work with before,” Saarela explains.

Huurre iTOP also monitors and, if needed, optimises the energy consumption at Wursti. During the first six months, the consumption has dropped up to 50%, and better is expected to follow.

Food industry challenger Kokkikartano chose Huurre as technology partner

Kokkikartano, a Finnish food brand known for its convenience foods with a home-cooked flavor, expanded its facilities in 2017. This smallish market challenger chose environmental-friendly Huurre ECO CO2 refrigeration system with iTOP steering and efficient heat production.

Huurre iTOP Refrigeration Automation steers the refrigeration system and ensures its smooth functioning. It also has a central role in an energy project that aims to improve the energy efficiency of the entire plant. According the calculations, recycling energy can give annual savings of up to 100,000 euros!

Kokkikartano and Huurre are involved in some pioneering research. Huurre takes part in a project by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland that analyses the effect of production quantities on the energy consumption of refrigeration systems using data gathered from Kokkikartano.