Ice Arenas

Superior Ice rink refrigeration from Huurre

Huurre CO2 ice arena cooling & heat production solution is the most economical and safe choice for your ice arena.

Unmatched energy efficiency, fully automated operation and proven reliability of our solutions has made Huurre the leading CO2 ice arena provider.

Huurre Arena is the first green, digital ice rink in Finland

Huurre delivered the first digital CO2 based energy system to Ylöjärvi ice arena, baptised as Huurre Arena. The environmentally-friendly Huurre ECO ICE DX system produces both refrigeration and all the heat required at the ice arena. Its digitally steered, ground-breaking direct expansion system guarantees that it is uniquely energy efficient.

Modernising the ice arena using Huurre’s technology allows for a great user experience, and it also minimises the arena’s life-cycle costs and reduces its carbon footprint. “Ylöjärvi ice arena aims to be a safe, healthy and high-quality facility for ice sports, using energy efficiently and responsibly” says the MD Rami Honkala.”We chose Huurre as our innovation partner, as the main criteria for the acquisition decision were life cycle costs, energy efficiency and eco-friendliness”.

Huurre Arena in Ylöjärvi has two tracks, and its utilisation rate is one of the highest in Tampere region, the second largest conglomeration in Finland. It is steered by the advanced Huurre iTOP4 Automation Solution, which reacts comprehensively to the conditions in the ice arena.

Huurre delivered refrigeration for iceskate and curling arena in Testebo

In the city of Gävle in Sweden, Huurre delivered and installed a Huurre ECO chiller with Huurre iTOP steering to supply an indoor iceskate arena as well as a curling arena.

What is especially outstanding in Testebos’s set-up is the flooded evaporator system and the smart iTOP solution. Also, the heat recovery is utilized to its maximum for space and utility water heating as well as for dehumidification.

The unique Huurre PLC controller comes with programmes designed to regulate and control the operations at the ice rink. From his couch at home, the ice rink caretaker can select the desired use of the ice rink and adjust the ice temperature and refrigeration system accordingly.