Careers in Huurre Team & Huurre Values

Huurre has exciting opportunities for professionals in different fields of refrigeration. Shape your own careerpath in our diverse and leading-edge business.

Huurre values determine our company culture and the way Huurre team members work:

We develop and renew ourselves

  • I want to learn new things and revive my thinking
  • I listen, acquire knowlegde and share information across the organizational borders
  • I am a positive role model for others

We create customer value-added

  • I understand what creating value-added to the Customers means in my daily work
  • I am effective and produce high-quality work
  • I offer boldly new solutions and dare to show the way

We achieve excellent results as a team

  • I commit to the individual an common goals and take ownership of them
  • I encourage and help others to achieve ever better results
  • I respect other people an the environment I operate in