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Our high technology solutions offer more value at lower life cycle cost

Huurre is building a position as a global leader in green refrigeration and heat production technologies and services. We want to provide our Customers with world-leading products and services to help them to run their businesses more safely and energy-efficiently, saving the planet’s resources.

Your value-added refrigeration partner

“In order to offer to our Customers high measurable value-added, we have in recent years increased investments in sustainable technology and services development, to further improve our unique offering.

Huurre has developed comprehensive, digitally controlled high-tech refrigeration and heat production products, systems and additional services.

Huurre Conditions Automation driven solutions and services enable our Customers to achieve significant energy cost savings over the equipment life-time, and to prevent climate change by using natural refrigerants.

Huurre is stronger than ever: Our vocation is to be your value-added refrigeration and heat production partner for the whole life cycle of cold chain!”

J.T. Bergqvist

Huurre Group Chairman and CEO

Huurre Group in brief

Huurre Group is a leading supplier of energy-efficient CO2-based refrigeration systems and related refrigeration automation solutions. We design and build professional refrigeration and heat production solutions and products. Our service section helps our customers to save costs and minimise the risks.

Huurre Group’s primary customers include ice rinks, retail, food industry, warehouses & logistics, professional kitchens and medical sector. Our focus area is Northern Europe.

Huurre employs appr. 620 employees in five countries and its annual sales turnover is around 150 million US dollars.

Huurre’s ethics policy

Huurre’s ethics policy ensures that all Huurre employees and those acting on behalf of Huurre have a common framework on the way Huurre conducts its business globally.

These principles provide Huurre Customers and other stakeholders with open and public information about Huurre’s practices.

Huurre Ethics Policy Statement

Huurre business operations can be divided in different segments

Industrial-Grade Refrigeration and Heat Production Technologies

The largest business of Huurre Group consists of refrigeration and heat production technologies and services for industrial, logistics, retail and ice rink environments in various markets. In Sweden and Finland, Huurre operates also as a on-site maintenance services company.

  • ECO CO2 Refrigeration and Heat Production technology
  • iTOP Conditions Automation, intelligent control and energy optimization
  • Refrigeration and heat production design & planning
  • High-end cold rooms for retail and logistics (Sweden and Finland)
  • Installation supervision, commissioning and training
  • On-site refrigeration and heat production maintenance (Sweden and Finland)

Professional Solutions for Compact Refrigeration Needs

Under the internationally recognised brand names of Porkka and Skycold, Huurre designs, develops and manufactures high quality energy efficient equipment for hotels, restaurants, catering, medical and scientific as well as marine sectors.

  • Frozen, chilled and hot food storage
  • Specialised cabinet equipment for medical and scientific industries
  • Marine galleys used on cruise liners, freighters and offshore installations
  • Temperature control through iTOP Automation


Huurre to install the first digital CO2 energy system at Ylöjärvi ice arena

Huurre and Ylöjärven Jäähalli Oy have signed a contract to deliver the first digital carbon dioxide-based energy system in Finland to Ylöjärvi ice arena, Euromaster Areena. The system will be installed in 2019. Huurre’s CO2 system will produce both the refrigeration and all the heat required at the ice arena. Its digitally steered, ground-breaking direct expansion technology guarantees that it is uniquely energy-efficient. Ylöjärvi ice arena aims to be a safe, healthy and high-quality facility for ice sports, using energy efficiently and responsibly.

Modernising the ice arena using Huurre’s technology allows for a great user experience, and it also minimises the arena’s life-cycle costs and reduces its carbon footprint. Ylöjärven Jäähalli Oy’s goal has been to replace climate-damaging F-gases as refrigerants and to avoid using any toxic substances in the ice arena.

Euromaster Areena in Ylöjärvi is has two tracks, and its utilisation rate is one of the highest in Tampere region, the second largest conglomeration in Finland. The carbon dioxide-based refrigeration and heat production solution is based on Huurre ECO ICE DX equipment and software. It will be steered by the advanced Huurre iTOP Automation Solution, which reacts comprehensively to the conditions in the ice arena. Huurre is one of the world’s leading developers and suppliers of CO2 refrigeration and heat production automation technology, and it does not use F-gases or toxic ammonia as refrigerants.

Ylöjärvi is a fast-growing town and its strategy is to be a pioneer in use of modern technology. Being the first town in Finland to select this state-of-the-art technology, the town shows commitment to creating an eco-friendly and inviting living environment. The refurbishment of Ylöjärvi ice arena is leading the way for other ice arena operators in Finland, as they project to modernise their plants.

For more information, please contact Huurre: Head of Refrigeration Automation Business Unit, Jukka Hellman, tel. +358 40 849 6081, or Head of Area Finland, Kari Reunanen, tel. +358 40 844 3366.


Huurre delivers world-class energy efficiency to Flamingo Entertainment Center

Huurre will deliver Flamingo Entertainment Center in the airport city Aviapolis in Vantaa its uniquely powerful, energy-efficient and eco-friendly carbon dioxide heat production solution during the turn of the year.

Huurre will carry out the Flamingo energy efficiency project with Assemblin, professional Nordic installation and service company. Huurre technology solution provides estimated 35-40 % yearly heating energy savings in the project. This project helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the building significantly.

The Huurre ECO system installed in the Flamingo real estate owned by Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company is the most powerful CO2 system delivered in commercial real estate in Finland. The combined power of the two Huurre heat production units is approximately 1,000 kW. The units use carbon dioxide as a refrigerant, as it is the only non-toxic and non-flammable natural refrigerant that complies with the new legislation restricting greenhouse gases.

With Huurre solution, most of the heating energy of the entertainment center can be produced by utilising the waste water and air conditioning waste heat. By steering the system with the Huurre iTOP Refrigeration Automation solution, it can be ensured that the carbon dioxide system operates in the most energy-efficient manner possible and minimises the lifecycle costs.

For further information please contact Kari Reunanen, head of Huurre Area Finland tel. +358 40 844 3366 or Assemblin Sales Manager Janne Aittola tel. +358 50 385 3347.

Safe Huurre solution to National Institute of Health and Welfare

National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) has chosen Huurre as technology partner. Huurre will deliver THL five freezer rooms for the freezing of institution’s samples. Environmental friendly and energy efficient Huurre ECO CO2 refrigeration units with back up systems enable the highest product safety.  Huurre iTOP Refrigeration Automation steers the solution and monitors the temperatures.



Metropolia tests cars in Huurre Ultimate Condition Room

Huurre has delivered Metropolia University of Applied Sciences a unique CO2-based testing room for very extreme conditions (from -45 to +60 C°).
The new ultimate condition room was installed in Metropolia’s new campus in Myyrmäki, Vantaa.

Huurre ECO CO2 system is steered by Huurre iTOP Automation, the user only has to choose the time when the room will reach the desired temperature. Huurre iTOP Automation steers CO2 refrigeration unit, air conditioning and heat production according to these user’s choises. The usability of the system has been secured by automated measures and alarms.

Metropolia will use the test room for testing e.g. cars in ultimate conditions.


New Huurre total refrigeration solution for berry company Arctic International

Huurre has delivered Arctic International, a company specialized in berries and mushrooms for industry, a complete refrigeration solution.

Delivery, which started already in July 2018, includes two freezing tunnels, two freezing rooms, Huurre ECO CO2 refrigeration system & iTOP refrigeration automation.

Huurre signed maintenance contract for Telia’as base stations in Southern Finland

Huurre has won maintenance contract for Telia’s 650 base stations’ refrigeration in Southern Finland.

The contract has been made with Empower for maintenance, possible repairs and modernisations of refrigeration equipment.

Woikoski saves money and energy with Huurre Energy Consulting Services

Huurre Cold Rooms to Britain’s largest cruise ship