Offering cool expertise for retail and industry

The largest business division of Huurre Group, Refrigeration Solutions operates in Finland, Sweden and Russia.

_DSC3024Huurre refrigeration solutions caters for a wide range of refrigeration needs within retail and industry. The scale of deliveries ranges from individual display cabinets to ready-built cold sections of hyper markets and refrigeration of cold stores of thousands of cubic metres.

Innovative energy management services

_DSC1310Preventive maintenance, 24/7 on-call call service and iTOP energy management services present a significant portion of our business operations.  We also have a strong offering of process cooling and air conditioning equipment and services.

Huurre Group’s aim is to spearhead refrigeration technology development and environmental protection. We offer our customers consulting and design services in ecological refrigeration facilities. Based on Huurre patented technology, we develop, manufacture and install our own CO2 systems providing significant savings to our customers.

We provide our customers measurable value-added by offering systems and services that ensure lowest operating costs. Furthermore, Huurre maintenance is well-known for its excellence and promptness.

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