Providing cost-efficient cold stogare facilities

The Cold Storage Construction Business Division corresponds to former Huurre Norway and Ki-Panel in Sweden.

ZA7H7960Cold Storage Construction attends to the supply of refrigeration solutions to food industry. In addition to cold rooms, typical projects include panel-structured warehouses and production facilities. The scale of deliveries ranges from panel installations to turnkey solutions.

Proven project management competence

Huurre is an expert in insulation panels and their assembly for e.g. retailers, bakeries and slaughter houses, that require tailor-made solutions. We also have a wide selection of doors and gates, accessories and fittings.

Huurre in Norway is also a world leader in cold storages for fishing industry and luxury cruise liners.


ZA7H7939Our customers can trust that we provide value-added with strong project management capabilities as well as expertise in supply and sourcing. Our core competence is knowledge about hygiene, food preservation and storage together with ability to quickly provide tailor-made products from own production facility. We also provide a high service level and short delivery times.